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Affording a FCHS Education

Looking Forward

A special note from the Chairman of the Board

“It is my vision for FCHS to provide a high level Christian education affordable by all.  Many have joined me in this vision through donations, tuition payments, low faculty salaries, and volunteering.  

Throughout my 20+ years in ministry leadership, costs and fees have always been suggested amounts so those that have more can help support those that have less (Acts 4:32-37). I view our base rate tuition in the same way.

Faculty (as missionaries) help maintain the cost to educate each student to under $8,100.  One of my goals is to provide salaries that are within the average for a PA private high school teacher.  Reaching this goal is estimated to increase the cost to educate to $12,500 per student.

One action I ask for all student families is to fill out a financial assistance application that will have a tuition fee based on the cost to educate.  Please reach out if you have further questions on this.”

The Numbers at a Glance

Our goal is to projectively increase the cost to educate each student to $12,500 in order to move our

educators into the average PA private school salary range 

2022-2023 Cost to Educate

Per Student:


2022-2023 Average Financial Aid Scholarship: 


2022-2023 Average Parent Contribution: 



At Fellowship Christian High School, we have learned that an Indexed Tuition Model works well for long-term sustainability of the school and also helps ensure that the Christian education we offer is financially accessible to anyone who would like to receive it.


Our indexed tuition model is need-based. Every student's tuition is indexed to some degree. Families must apply for indexed tuition each year, as tuition can move up and down in line with a family's economic profile. Determinations are made by reviewing a family's entire financial profile and are not based solely on income.

2022–2023 Average parent contribution for full time student: $5,235

2022–2023 Range of funds committed for full time student tuition**: $1,000-$10,360

*Indexed Tuition is a program that provides the opportunity for families to apply for a rate of tuition that is in line with their ability to pay.

**Tuition covers FCHS instructional and operational costs. It does not include the cost of books and educational materials, field trips, retreats, or extra-curricular activities such as sports, yearbooks, etc.

In the 2022-2023 school year: 100% of families completing financial assistance applications received tuition reduction leading to 60% of all FCHS students receiving tuition reduction.

Individualized Financial Aid

Fellowship Christian High School is committed to making Christian education available to families who share in our school's vision. We work hard to keep the parent contribution portion of our cost of education as reasonable as possible, without sacrificing the excellence in education our parents and students expect. We want to provide the best teachers and the best educational experience possible for your students.


To help families with the cost of education, FCHS offers discounts, as well as need-based indexed tuition. Families submit a tuition assistance application through Simple Tuition Solutions. STS provides a recommendation, which is then evaluated by our Financial Aid committee. We consider:


  • The number of siblings attending FCHS

  • Extenuating circumstances affecting a particular family

  • The school's ability to provide the level of financial aid necessary to meet all families financial responsibilities

Some families paid <$100/month for a student, but we would not be sustainable if we did not receive funds >$670/month.

The Next Step

Our mission is rooted in providing families access to quality Christian education!  

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