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The admissions process begins with an interview with the principal and admission
personnel and an application packet. The admission procedures include the submission of
a written application form with the application fee of $50, an application review, and
testing, if needed, to enable the administration to make a responsible decision. The
admission personnel will use the information to assess the student's academic aptitude.


The review process will determine acceptance or rejection of all applicants. If the
applicant is accepted, the process of new student registration will begin with the receipt
of the security deposit/registration fee. A student is considered enrolled when the $250
security deposit of the first month’s tuition and any applicable fees as described in the
FCHS Handbook are received.


It is desired that the parents/guardians of the student profess their faith in Jesus Christ as
their personal Savior. However, at least one of the two parents must have a saving faith in
Jesus Christ and attend a local church.

(Revised 6/13/2022)

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